Emyr Lewis

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Born in 1965 in Carmarthen, Emyr Lewis is a former Welsh rugby player whose skill, dedication, and passion for the game made him a standout figure in Welsh rugby history.

From a young age, Lewis showed a natural talent for rugby, perfecting his skills and rising through the ranks to represent Wales at the highest level.

Lewis’ career was marked by his versatility and adaptability on the field, playing in various positions and earning rewards for his contributions to both club and international rugby.

His courage and determination were seen in every match, as he fearlessly tackled players and led by example with his work ethic and commitment.

Off the field, Lewis was known for being a policeman, earning respect not just for his athletic abilities but also for his character and integrity.

Emyr Lewis remains a respected figure in Welsh rugby, with his legacy as a former player cherished by fans and remembered fondly as a symbol of Welsh rugby excellence.

The rugby boots of this Welsh rugby icon are proudly displayed on the wall at Carmarthen Athletic Rugby Club.